10–Interesting Facts About Human Brain


Human brain (reasoning) – Human body = animals

Human brain can be considered as the most important organ of human body that enables them to think, remember, learn, and reason. It is capable of processing an enormous amount information owing to its complexity and a sophisticated network of neurons that transmit signals. It is one of the mystery packs of the human body, whose most of the facts are yet to be revealed by science. Therefore, it also has some interesting facts that you must not be familiar with, lets discuss the 10 most interesting facts about human brain:

1. Brain cells could comprise upon up to 75% of water so dehydration can lead to adverse effects on brain functioning. Moreover, brain is the fattest organ in human body in terms of fat percentage that is up to 60% of it. Make sure you fuel your brain with the required fats.

2. A normal human brain weighs 3 lbs whereas the heaviest brain recorded is of sperm whale that is approximately 20 lbs. Moreover, a male brain is 10% larger in size as compared a female’s brain. However, large size is not a measure of intelligence. It comprises upon 3% of the body weight.

3.    It is a myth that a normal human only uses 10% of its brain. Practically, a normal human actively uses every part of its brain and even more than 10% is active during sleeping and in severe brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

4.    The brain comprises mainly upon two types of cells, the neurons also called grey matter and the non-neuron cells, oligodendrocytes that are also known as white matter. The number of neurons can reach up to 100 billion in human brain.

5.    The electric potential of all the neurons, if summed up, can generate enough electricity required to light a bulb of 23 watts.

6.    The speed of information travel between the neurons can be as high as 268 miles per hour. The storage capacity of brain is unlimited owing to the extension by increasing the number of neurons connections.

7.    The human brain can show three times increase in size during the first year of life and keeps on growing till maturity at the age of 25. Moreover, it tends to reduce in size with age specially after the middle age.

8.    During pregnancy the rate of neurons development can reach up to 250,000 per minute.

9.    The length of blood vessels running in the brain could be up to 100,000 miles. 20% of the blood and oxygen produced by the body is used by brain. During the stroke, this oxygen supply to brain cells stops, that leads to cellular damage and malfunctioning of the

Spinal cord is the main connection between the body and brain. The brain doesn’t feel pain rather it only interprets the signals it receives from different parts of the body. The breakage of this connection is caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS).