7–Beautiful Species We Won’t be Able to See in the Future, The Endangered Species


The most endangered species on the planet Earth include plants, amphibians, and reptiles but the animals have an added advantage of being identified and loved by the humans and thus stand a better chance of being protected. The idea that many of the cutest animals we have seen are on the verge of extinction, sounds sad but there is even a bitter truth that they are endangered because of human activity and bad practices. Humanity needs to take serious measure to protect, conserve and help these animals.

Let us have a look at the 10 most adorable animals that are in danger of getting extinct:

1.    The Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca):

Pandas are one of the most loveable animals on Earth. There number reduced drastically till 1980s due to deforestation, predation, and disease, and reached only 1114 pandas. However, the conservation program led by China and WWF increased the number by 17% in the last decade, making the current count 1864. However, the species is still threatened, and efforts are continued to protect them.

2.    Amur Tiger (Panthera pardus orientalis):

This is one of the most critically endangered species with the current number being restricted to 60 only. The habitat destruction, climate change leading to the drop in the number of prey and poaching for the sake of making traditional Asian medicines, are among the key reasons of their reduction. There body parts such as bones and penis are considered to have magical curative powers.

3.    North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis):

Several species of whales are at the verge of extinction with North Atlantic Right Whale being at the top. There has been a 90% reduction in the population in the 20th century because of the commercial hunting for meat and oil rich fat called blubber. There are only 400 of them left now. Although, its hunting is banned but the revival is slow as there are only 100 females, and the breeding rate is too slow.

4.    Rhinos (Rhinocerotidae):

Three out of five species of rhinos are critically endangered, Sumatran rhino, Black rhino, and Javan rhino. Amongst them Javan rhinos are the most threatened with only 46-66 rhinos left which are all now conserved in the Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia.

5.    Mexican axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum):

The Mexican axolotl is a rare specie of salamander that lives underwater for its whole life in the form of larva. It is only found in Lake Xochimilco, Mexico City. There number dropped to 1200 only due to the invasive species like tilapia and carp, and the drainage of water from the lake to supply water to the nearby population. They are studied extensively for their ability to regenerate. There roasted form is a considered a delicacy in Mexico.

6.    Sand cats (Felis margarita):

Sand cats are the smallest wild cats, with their diverse existence across central Asia and northern Africa. It is critically endangered and has got extinct from Israel due to habitat loss, pet trading and hunting. The exact number left, is hard to calculate because of their diverse presence in terms of locations. However, the good news is that 4 kittens are born recently, in the Zoological center of Tel Aviv, Israel.

7.    Egyptian Tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni):

Egyptian tortoise, found in Libya and Egypt, are one of the smallest known species of tortoise that are critically endangered because of illegal pet trading, hunting for traditional medication, and climate change. An estimated number of remaining Egyptian tortoise in no more than 7500.