Family medical and maternity care



Family medical and maternity care is providing high quality, full-scope healthcare to central Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. Medical practice has grown into a diverse group of practitioners to provide care from birth, to childhood, into the adult years and on. Family medical and maternity care is famous for its strong health care policies and regulations specifically speaking “No show” policy. Family medical and maternity care has professional health care service providers including physicians, assistants and registered nurses working as a team to provide high quality medical and maternity care to patients. Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) are registered nurses with advanced academic and clinical experience, enabling him or her to diagnose and manage common and chronic illnesses, including prescribing medication. Working in collaboration with a supervising physician, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide high-quality individualized care. Main focus of family medical and maternity care services providers is health maintenance, disease prevention, counseling and patient education. Along with physicians, nurses and physician’s assistants, there are Certified Nurse Midwives in family medical and maternity care. These are registered nurses with advanced training in midwifery that enables them to provide a range of clinical services for women including expectant mothers.

Maternity care at FMMC:

Maternity care is the most important aspect of female health as well as the successful outcomes of the pregnancy. Family medical and maternity care provides high quality pre conception, maternity and post maternity care to all the expected mothers. Aim is to manage the highe risk obstetrical conditions and complications when needed. For happy, healthy delivery, highly experienced surgical management services are available at FMMC to ensure every possible treatment option. Comprehensive pre conception counseling and family planning makes it more better for new couples and their families. Basic infertility counseling and medical management are also the part of health care services at FMMC. Comprehensive contraception counseling and management is also the part of services at FMMC.

Medical care at FMMC:

Family medical and maternity care provides Easy, continuous care for entire family from delivery to pediatric and adult care available within the one single facility. women’s preventive care services and screening are provided to ensure the preventive care and prompt diagnosis and treatment.

FMMC is currently not offering Covid-19 testing services yet however proper social distancing and sanitising measures have been applied to entire facility.


Family medical and maternity care provides all the health care services in a single facility which makes it more easier for families to get high quality care at one place. Proper health care staff including physicians, nurses, midwives and physician’s assistants are available to ensure health care quality. High quality maternity care from pre conception to the delivery is provided along with paediatric and adult medical care. Family medical and maternity care primarily focuses on preventive care and screening of all the patients. Family medical and maternity care is ensuring proper social distancing and preventive measures against covid-19 to keep the patients and staff healthy. However Covid-19 testing is not yet available at FMMC.