How to Travel with a 12-Month-Old Tips for that First Big Trip


Now that COVID laws are being lifted, more and more people are starting to travel again. Is your family planning their first big trip, visiting grandparents or going on vacation? Feeling overwhelmed with packing your baby this time? Don't sweat it; some helpful tips to get you started.

Arrive at the airport early

This time you have extra luggage and extra people to go through security. Even if your little one only needs to drive a long distance to the airport, they may need time to stretch their legs before a long flight. You can usually bring a stroller and a diaper bag on board for free, but if you bring a stroller, that's more luggage.

Documentation, extra layers of clothing, hygiene

Make sure to bring your child's birth certificate and social security card. I usually keep mine with the baby just to simplify the paperwork. The most important thing is a pack of wet wipes and diapers, pull-ups or underwear. When the plane is cold, you should always have a sweatshirt for them.


We all know how expensive food can be at airports. Try feeding your baby or giving him a bottle to pop his ears during takeoff and landing. At this stage, you've already prepared your baby's favorite treats, so keep some extra. You can even pack a small lunch box if you're flying during your meal.

Download Netflix and grab a comfy blanket

Honestly, your best case scenario is that they fall asleep. If your kids are watching TV, you can download episodes from streaming channels like Netflix or Hulu until they fall asleep. Keep them entertained by downloading some shows and movies they love and some they've never watched. Make sure you grab their special blanket or pet, and maybe a travel pillow. Don't forget the charger!

Games and Activities

If they don't fall asleep or fall asleep in between, you should have a range of toys and games to complete. Some of the things we bring are

● Hot Wheels Cars

● coloring book

● Small dry erase board

● read books

● play dough

● Puzzles

● Games you can play on your phone without WiFi

● other small toys

Use the airport

During a layover, it is important to use the airport to give your child the opportunity to get up and move around. Let them explore as long as possible and spend enough energy to get ready for their next flight.

Don't be afraid to spend money

A lot of the toys my son plays with on the plane are brand new toys that I bought him. I want him to have some fresh toys and hopefully he can play longer. We also bought special treats and paid for something for him to play on the way home.

These are the most important things when we fly for the first time. Use it as a framework for packaging, but don't be afraid to pack more. In my opinion, too much packaging is better than too little. how about you? What's the most important thing on your packing list?