When do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?


Let's see how early pregnancy symptoms appear.

What's your first reaction when you hear the word "pregnancy symptoms"? For someone who's never experienced them before, it's probably morning sickness, fatigue, and cravings, right? For anyone who has experienced symptoms, you might think the list is endless!

But for now, let's stick to some of the most common symptoms women spot early in pregnancy. When looking for babies, women look for clues long before they see a positive test. Did you know that some symptoms may appear before you miss your period?


Yes, one of the symptoms before your missed period is most likely just a light period...  

Some women experience bleeding or spotting from implanting an egg into the uterine wall, which usually occurs 6-10 days after conception. It is sometimes overlooked as a symptom and mistaken for a mild period.

Missed Period

It feels like a given, and because of the sensitivity of modern pregnancy tests, many women know they're pregnant before they miss the first day of their period. However, this is one of the biggest signals your body is giving birth to a baby!

Sensitive Breasts

This can be another problem that can be hard to spot in early pregnancy. Many women suffer from sensitive/painful breasts due to hormonal changes before menstruation. Therefore, in the first few weeks, it can easily be misinterpreted as a PMS symptom rather than a pregnancy.


In the first trimester, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Fatigue can be one of the earliest signs due to hormonal changes and as your baby grows, your body begins to add the support it needs. Fortunately, when most women feel energized, it tends to taper off in the second trimester.

Nausea In The Morning

Probably what most people think of when they talk about pregnancy symptoms. However, not all women experience it. It usually starts between weeks 6 and 8, and certain smells or foods may be triggers. Small, frequent meals throughout the day are recommended to prevent nausea and nausea, another symptom you'll be happy to know that tends to go away in the second trimester.

Frequent Urination

Did you know that during pregnancy, a woman's blood flow increases dramatically? Between the hormonal surge and the enlarged uterus, bladder pressure increases and so does the need to walk.

When trying to conceive, discovering these symptoms can be an exciting part of the journey. Pregnancy is completely different for woman and woman, from pregnancy to pregnancy. These are just some of the most common pregnancy symptoms, but that doesn't mean you'll experience them all. It is also important to remember to seek professional medical advice if you have any questions or concerns.